Most Popular Candy in America: Top 20


Jane Price

From Snickers bars and M&Ms to Skittles and Candy Corn, this list of the twenty most popular Halloween candies is sure to have some of your favorites:

*Data taken from’s sales data

20. 3 Musketeers – This simple nougat bar coated in rich chocolate has been around since 1932, making it only the 3rd candy bar made by Mars. The name comes from the original layout of the bar, which came with three differently flavored nougats that came in each one (strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate).

19. Dubble Bubble – This barrel of gum made by Tootsie is insanely popular, with around 138,255 pounds of it being sold a year. Who knew gum could be so popular?

18. Kit Kats – Left or right? Just kidding, that’s Twix. You’d better enjoy this chocolate bar as a whole before it starts being split off over some silly feud about which side of it is better.

17. Swedish Fish – These gummy fish come in a variety of colors and sizes. It’s not surprising that they’re so tasty, who doesn’t love a classic gummy candy?

16. Milky Way – Don’t let the name fool you, this candy is named after the appearance and taste of a popular milkshake from the 1920s.

15. Blow Pop – Like tootsie pops, these lollipops are two in one! If a chocolate interior isn’t your thing, maybe you’d prefer gum inside of a hard candy lollipop.

14. Butterfinger – Careful- if you’ve got butter fingers and drop this candy, someone’s sure to snatch it up. After all, it is one of the most popular halloween candies!

13. Almond Joy – Let’s hope the kids with nut allergies are keeping a strong eye on what they’re eating this halloween, because 497,915 pounds of Almond Joys were sold this halloween season.

12. Sour Patch Kids – Sour – sweet – gone! These sweet gummies covered with a dusting of sour sugar live right up to their slogan, they’ll be gone before you realize if you’re not careful.

11. Taffy – You heard that right- saltwater taffy is one of the most popular halloween candies. Who knows how many kids are ripping out their braces and expanders as they chow down on these sticky treats…

10. Jolly Ranchers – A perfect mix of sour and sweet presents itself in Jolly Ranchers. They also have begun to make chewy and hard shell/taffy interior versions of this candy. Think of how small one of these is, and then imagine what 1,027,740 pounds of that would look like! That’s how many pounds of Jolly Ranchers were sold for this Halloween.

9. Tootsie Pops – This lollipop and chocolate candy all in one is sure to make mouths water this Halloween!

8. Hershey’s Mini Bars – Simple as they are, they’re also delicious. You can’t go wrong with some plain chocolate, whether it’s dark, milk or light. You can even branch out towards cookies and creme, almonds, or other more exciting flavors.

7. Hot Tamales – A little spice never hurt anyone, but beware of these! If you don’t have a tongue for spicy foods, maybe they’re not for you. Perhaps Mike and Ikes are better suited for those who can’t stomach anything spicier than salt.

6. Candy Corn – Perfect for decorating, eating, and fake teeth, these insanely sweet candies will probably find their way into your household this fall season. Watch out though! Your teeth might not enjoy them as much as you do.

5. Starburst – These fruit chews come in so many different flavors that it’s hard to count at this point. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a new flavor of these showing up every month!

4. Reese’s Cups – These delicious chocolate and peanut butter candies are everyone’s favorite, unless, of course, you can’t eat peanuts. But for the majority of us, chocolates filled with peanut butter that come in different shapes and sizes can’t be anything but good.

3. Snickers – Peanuts, nougat, caramel and chocolate are tastefully combined to make this traditional snack. Who knows, maybe your grandparents enjoyed eating these on halloween many decades ago…

2. M&M’s – A classic chocolate candy? What’s there not to love? M&M’s have even branched out towards other crazy flavors such as caramel and peanut.

1. Skittles – These popular rainbow candies come in a multitude of different flavors, including tropical, wild berry, sour, and many more. You’re sure to taste the rainbow this October with some variation of skittle.

Halloween kicks off a string of holidays long awaited by everyone. Although October only has one real day for eating candy, we all manage to sneak in our favorite snacks all month. Whether or not you still spend Halloween searching your neighborhood for candy, here’s some of the coolest treats to try this spooky season.