Review: New Future & Juice WRLD Album


David Mills, Music Beat

This album came out to be an unexpected collaboration of the upcoming rapper Juice WRLD and Future. The album unfolds showing Future’s knowledge and experiences with aggressive drug epidemics in the 80’s and 90’s and with Juice WRLD, age 19, we see him expressing his exposure to the new rap era of drug users who openly express their addictions of recreational drugs.

Here’s a track by track review:

“Jet Lag(feat. Young Scooter)” #1

In the opener “Jet Lag”, we find Juice WRLD, Future, and Scooter bouncing off of each other, hearing Juice’s melodic, polished voice providing a nice contrast to Future’s rougher one. All three rappers talk about how they could spend a lot of money and just make it back easily.

“Astronauts” #2

The second song of the album begins with a light piano melody for a few seconds then when the bass explode we hear Juice WRLD and Future passing the mic back and forth bouncing to the beat seamlessly.

“Fine China” #3

The third song’s chorus turned out to be unexpectedly catchy with Juice WRLD singing with passion while Future raps on his verse giving this song a nice vibe with the strong, good energy emitting from the beat.

“Red Bentley” (feat. Young Thug) #4

In “Red Bentley” we hear all rappers talk about the thrill of them driving expensive foreign cars without a care for anyone. Future took over most of the song delivering over an “exotic” beat, as I would describe it.

“Make It Back” #5

In this short song sung by only Juice WRLD, he reflects on how he spends all his money, but it doesn’t matter because he’ll just make it all back. Well delivered over a futuristic, out of this WRLD type beat.

“Oxy” (feat. Lil Wayne) #6

Again, like in “King’s Dead,” we hear Future rapping the chorus as well as his verse, in a high pitch voice. As Lil Wayne delivered his verse, he has not disappointed once again using a familiar bounce to his flows, smooth like a skipping stone across a lake.

“7 AM Freestyle” #7

Again we hear this duo going back and forth off of each other in this freestyle, the beat perfectly fitting to them vibing out in the studio at 7 AM.

“Different(feat. Yung Bans) #8

The title truly speaks for this one – it’s different. The song is short, but packs a punch with an interesting beat as Future sings with a smoothness, as Yung Bans snapped, and as Juice came in with his melodic voice.

“Shorty” #9

Another short song, but with Juice and Future’s melodies, it’s a great song to vibe out to.

“Realer N Realer” #10

Another upbeat instrumental we hear with both Future and Juice rapping about getting stains on expensive garments and not caring because they have so much other things.

“No Issue” #11

This song has an interesting beat with the guitar and drum pattern creating a rather odd beat, however it is still a nice song.

“WRLD On Drugs” #12

WRLD On Drugs starts with an instrumental build up nicely blended with Future and Juice sounding good together. The chorus is solid and catchy. Perfect to rock out to with the rappers delivering clever punchlines.

“Afterlife” #13

A solo track by Future. The beat is soothing and mellow. This song is definitely a keeper.

“Ain’t Livin Right” (feat. Gunna) #14

The beat works perfect with how the verses are delivered; smooth and chill. Juice comes in with a nice switch-up to the song and the overall melodies makes this a hit.

“Transformer(feat. Nicki Minaj)” #15

A nice beat and tempo to begin with. Future is on jet skies with his verse delivering once again. Nicki comes in with a nice vocal tone and flow. This was an album worthy song.

“Hard Work Pays Off” #16

The ending song. Juice shows again his lovely, flawless voice and melodies. This beat was a perfect one to end with, the chemistry between the two creative rappers creating a dope connection.

Overall, I give this album a 3.5 out of 5 Nighthawks: .5