Struggling with Natural Hair at NHS

Charlee Alejandra, Art & Fashion Beat

It isn’t a secret that Northfield High School is a predominantly white school and if I do say so myself it could be a challenge and getting used to this school a huge challenge considering that I did come from Montbello High School. Montbello was more of the high school experience – no shade towards NHS – my school (yes I still consider Montbello my school). Both have a lot of diversity from race all the way to gender identification. One thing that NHS and MHS have in common is the Natural Hair Community. I call it a Community because we still help each other out when it comes to tips for natural hair growth, hair products that will define our curls, and the most common question we all tend to ask which is new, cute, easy, hairstyles.

I did some searching of my own and took time to ask students & admin from schools like Montbello High School, EagleCrest High School, and Northfield High School about natural hair what kind of products they commonly for their hair. The few people that I interviewed are from your very own school Northfield High School: Leyana Smith, Bre Banks, Krystal Wortham, Ms. Brianna, Morgan, Shalanda ( the nurse ), Kiona Gibbs, Jadaysia Carr, De’ja Blanton, Amari, last but not least Trinity Lindsay. The common products that ended up coming up were Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel , Shea Moistures, Cream Of Nature, Coconut Oil, Mixed Chicks, Coconut Shea, and the infamous Magical Juice *drum beat please* Water …..Yes really it’s just water, but without water we cannot comb out our hair. Without water we cannot even define our curls as crazy as it seems our hair is like a sponge sometimes….It just sucks up all of the water.

One of the people I interviewed gave me a very inspirational view / outlook on the natural hair community and that person happens to be Ms. Brianna the product that she just started currently using is a product called Innersents. I asked her how she would describe the Natural Hair Community and she stated, “It’s awesome it’s a way for people to take back their beauty standards from society’s opinion and you end up learning how to gain a different appreciation for your own hair and it’s just an empowering community where we help each other grow into successful men & women in anything we do’ these words are very remarkable to me because it really sums up how we stand as a whole and its kind of a reminder that the little group of multicultural natural haired students and staff are a community with the same goal to be beautiful, black, powerful, strong , and successful.”

I feel like people tend to forget that yes our race is very different, our skin is full of Melanin, we come in different shades of brown, last but not least our hair can be different types of textures but we all have this curl pattern from loose to tight I mean in my opinion we are a beautiful race of people and some people just don’t like it.

Now I want to go into detail about these products, the 1st product I want to talk about is shea moistures, shea moistures is a very good product in my opinion they have many different types of leave in conditioner but the point behind them is to hydrate your hair, restore your hair, strengthen your hair, define your curls, and the most important it’s a moisturizer.

The 2nd product is Eco Styler gel ( olive oil ) this gel is probably one of the best gels out there and yes there has been many controversial debates on how we ( the natural hair community ) need to stop using it because it can damage your hair but I’ve been using it for years along with Leyana Smith, Bre Banks, and Morgan, and we’ve been pretty fine and have not had any problems with the product itself.

The 3rd product would have to be As I Am. As I Am is an amazing product it would honestly be at the top of my list its a product specially made for women of color, with naturally coily and curly hair textures like you should really purchase this item.

As I walk around the school (Northfield) I asked who ever I seen“ what is your outlook on the natural haired community ” some responses I got where ‘beautiful’ ‘over looked’ ‘very culturalized’ but the 2nd response I got that stood out to me the most also was from Mr. O, “Natural beauty there’s a struggle….It’s a very beautiful thing and yes society does not highlight the natural hair community at all even all the way down to Disney. There’s not one princess who had textured hair not even the black princess Tiana.” In my opinion you know there’s a problem when even the men we look into our life notices how society degrades women as a whole.