The 13th Floor: Local Haunted House Review

The 13th Floor is one of the top 5 scariest haunted houses according to

The 13th Floor is one of the top 5 scariest haunted houses according to "America Haunts" magazine.

Lucia McMunn

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It’s Halloween and that means all of your favorite spooky season activities, including haunted houses like the 13th Floor, are back and better than ever. Just recently we took a trip to the 13th Floor haunted house and had the opportunity to speak with some of the general managers and cast of the whole attraction.

First stop on our tour was a small room off to the side of the entrance where we got to speak with the two general managers, Erin and Ally. They spoke with us about the themes of the facility for this year and just the idea of what we were gonna see what spine chilling.

Half Alive, The Possession and Trick or Treat were the biggest thrills of this year’s 13th Floor. Half Alive was their take on Jurassic Park, with many mutant creatures and even a feature from Bigfoot and the Yeti. Next was The Possession, their own creation based off of the movie The Nun that included their very own nun that lurked behind you as you walk threw that section of the attraction. We also got to Trick or Treat, the scary trio of a witch, a devil and a skeleton will pop up and scare you at one point or another. Behind the scenes, the makeup and costume room were crowded with all of the cast getting ready.

Finally, the haunt began and the 13th Floor was open to the public. As you wait in long lines, you get scary previews of the creatures you’ll come across as they jump out to scare you. Overall, the experience was definitely worth it and I would recommend stopping by before Halloween ends!