NBA Team Season Previews: Warriors, Thunder & Spurs

Will the West continue to dominate the NBA? *SPOILER ALERT* ... Yes, it will.

Will the West continue to dominate the NBA? *SPOILER ALERT* ... Yes, it will.

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Here are some season previews from the traditional Western Conference power teams: Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs

Warriors Wipe Away Fans Preseason Doubts

By: Rue Eissa

For all Warriors fans, the 2018-2019 NBA preseason was a rough one. After sweeping the championship last season, fans were expecting a cruising start for Golden State this year.

After losing 4 out of their 5 preseason games, 3 of which were home games, fans began to worry about the team’s line up changes which include, but are not limited to, the loss of JaVale McGee. I know first hand how stressful it was watching the preseason. It was pretty worrying for me as a Warriors fan to see how badly they were playing.

But it seems the team has shed their preseason troubles (thank god). On October 16, 2018, Golden State faced the Oklahoma City Thunder who they have had a very very strong rivalry with since Kevin Durant made the (very smart) decision to move to the Warriors. The first shot of the game was a three pointer shot by the Warriors’ Steph Curry. Golden State then went on to win the game, their first this season, 108-100. The top scorer of the game was Steph Curry (obviously) with 32 points over all, trailed by Kevin Durant and Paul George who both scored 27 points.

As of the end of October, the Warriors season has been going smoothly, interrupted, somehow, only by the Denver Nuggets. With a record of 3-1, Golden State has shown that they are set this season and they won’t let anything stop them. Though they have that one stain on their record, nothing will stop the teams determination. You can count on the Warriors going up to the top once again.

Oklahoma City Thunder Season Overview

By: Xavier Judge

The thunder have a very exciting season ahead with playoff hopes from last year to have a better run. They had a crushing defeat in the first round to the Jazz 4-2. The team traded Carmelo Anthony and signed Paul George to a 4 year 137 million max contract.

Russell Westbrook had a successful knee surgery over the summer that caused him to miss the entire preseason and the NBA season opener against the Golden State Warriors. There has been a very strong rivalry between the two teams ever since the snake otherwise known as Kevin Durant left the thunder to join the warriors. Kevin Durant left because he choked in the playoffs. The Thunder fell short 108-100 in the season opener. The game would have ended differently with Russell Westbrook being able to play. They are looking to bounce back on Friday 10/19 against the Clippers. Russell Westbrook is scheduled to make his debut in Staples Center.

The Thunder also made new additions with Dennis Schroeder for 4 years and 17.5 mil and Nerlens Noel to a 3 year player option 1.8 mil contracts. The Thunder have a lot to look forward to this season and it should be interesting.

A New Era For The San Antonio Spurs

By: Rue Eissa

San Antonio has lost its most treasured players. After losing arguably one of their best players, Tim Duncan, in 2016, the Spurs were left with Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. Now, they are left with none of these stars. Kawhi Leonard was traded to the Raptors for DeMar DeRozan. Parker took advantage of his free agency and signed with the Charlotte Hornets. As for Manu Ginobili, after 16 long seasons and 4 championships as one of the Spurs most amazing players and one of the most revered players on the team, he took the decision to retire.

Yet despite these drastic changes to their lineup, San Antonio has shown that they aren’t going anywhere. With a record of 2-1, the Spurs have been showing great determination and skill. With the talent of LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozan and the skills of all of their other players, San Antonio has taken down both the Minnesota Timberwolves (that was a painful game for a fan of both teams) and the LA Lakers. Not even Lebron James could stop their power. Despite the fact that they were far behind the Lakers during OT, the team’s skill allowed for them to come back and take the game for themselves. It’s been a good start to the 2018-19 season for the San Antonio Spurs.