I.B. at NHS: New Club, Student Q&A

I.B. at NHS: New Club, Student Q&A

Mr. Wright has helped launch the IB Students of Color Club. The Daily Nighthawk sat down with Mr. Wright to ask why the club was founded and its purpose within our IB community. Mr. Wright explained that students of color face additional obstacles in life and that affects their school life. He wanted to provide a space for the students to talk about the problems that they face and get help from one another and provide a community so that every student can be successful. The first meeting had about 20 students with 6 or 7 staff members, all staff members of color. Each student got to share life experiences, learning about one another and about how students have similar issues like college access.

They have more exciting things coming this month, so if you’re interested this club meets on Mondays 3:30-4:30 in room 134. The club may move to lunch time meetings, so check with Mr. Peter Wright!

I.B. Student Q&A

What colleges are you looking into?

Quinton Morales – Arizona State, UNC, Lamar Community College, Texas Ann, Florida State

Nathan Rabuck – UCCS, CU Boulder, and Florida Gulf Coast

Kathleen Cobos – CU Boulder, Adams state

Ryan Thelen – CU Boulder, CSU, TCU

What are you doing in school to meet your goals?

Quinton Morales – Applying for scholarships, keeping grades up, study, focusing on test scores.

Nathan Rabuck – Getting my GPA up and applying for scholarships.

Kathleen Cobos – Focusing on school work, studying for the SAT.

Ryan Thelen- Doing good in school and trying my best on the SAT.

What are your plans outside of college?

Quinton Morales – Businessman or play baseball.

Nathan Rabuck – Owning a business involving golf or playing golf.

Ryan Thelen – To go into business and possibly marketing.