Top 10 Songs of 2018


#1 – I Like It, by Cardi B – You should listen to this song because its beat drop is hype.

#2 – No Tears Left to Cry, by Ariana Grande – you should listen to this song because it will help you get over your tears.

#3 – In My Feelings, by Drake – you should listen to this song because it is really fun to dance to and you can post videos of you doing the shiggy challenge.

#4 – Falling Down, Lil Peep & XXXTentacion – This song is a really special song for both artist have passed away which makes this song have an even deeper meaning.

#5 – All The Stars, by Kendrick Lamar – This is a song you listen to when you are in a good mood motivating you to do things with Kendrick Lamar’s powerful lyrics.

#6 – Lucid Dreams, by Juice Wrld – A sad song recommended if you’re going through a break up or something.

#7 -I Love It, Kanye West & Lil Pump – There really is no comment on this song. The video is weird, the lyrics definitely have no deep meaning. But that’s what makes it popular!

#8 – FEFE, by 6ix9ine ft. Nicki Minaj – Probably one of the most anticipated songs of 2018 with a surprise feature of Nicki Minaj.

#9 – Psycho, Post Malone – This is that one song everyone likes when it comes on the radio making Post Malone mainstream.

#10 -SAD, by XXXtentacion – One of XXXtentacion’s last famous songs before he was murdered which is why it became even more popular.