Fortnite: The Future of Crossplay Gaming


Xavier Caré / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA

Crossplay will impact the future of Esports.

Kevin Fernandez-Molina, Gaming Beat

Sony has finally given fans what they’ve long asked for – Fortnite crossplay! This means that now Playstation players can now join Xbox and PC players in the same lobby or same server. In other words, you can play anyone no matter what system they’re using. This is a giant step for the gaming industry at large because Fortnite the biggest, most popular game of 2018. Gamers such as myself are really excited about what’s coming not only for Fortnite but for other popular games like Red Dead Redemption, Black ops 4, Battlefield and so much more.

The ability of crossplay gaming can bring the world together even closer. The Xbox gaming community there are about 48 million active users and Playstation has 70 million active users. But PC dominates with an estimated 1 billion active users worldwide, according to an article by Jamie MaKane at There are also people that do own all 3 platforms or 2 out of the 3 platforms, so these numbers aren’t technically fully correct because one user can have all platforms at once. On top of that, we also have spam/fake accounts where the user seems active but in reality they just want your money and your personal information.

Cross platform can bring people together instead of limiting them to only one 1 platform. Fortnite and Rocket League has shown that crossplay is possible and is for sure in the foreseeable future.

Stay alert for my next article I talk about how cross platform can benefit and affect the future of the esports community at large.