Tha Carter V by Lil Wayne: Track by Track Album Review


Album art for “Tha Carter V”

Daniel Roman-Giles, Ryan Gracey, Music Beat

Tha Carter Ⅴ is a long-awaited, heavily anticipated album with high soaring expectations. The hype is due to years of conflict and lawsuits.

Here is a track by track review breakdown:

“I Love You Dwayne” #1

The album begins with a voice mail from no one other than Lil Wayne’s mother Jacida Carter expressing her hope for the album to come out, as well as the love and pride she feels for her son.

“Don’t Cry (feat. XXXTENTACION) ” #2

The second song of the album begins with the iconic flick of the lighter masked by the melodic and sinister beat. Immediately after the song explodes in a roar of vocals from the recently deceased rapper XXXTENTACTION. The song exhibits both Lil Wayne’s unmatched flow and XXXTENTACION’s impressive vocals.

“Dedicate” #3

The third song on the album has a faster and harder hitting beat. On this beat, Lil Wayne shows off his impressive rhyming abilities.

“Uproar” #4

The song of the title is a perfect description of the feel of the song. It’s a loud and eccentric song using what seems to be a real live crowd for the roaring used throughout the song.

“Let it Fly (feat. Travis Scott) ” #5

Travis Scott is a seamless inclusion to this song. He provides an auto-tuned vocal and chorus and paves a path for Lil Wayne’s tongue-twister of a verse

“Can’t Be Broken” #6

A soul hitting track that personifies the struggles and issues of life. Constantly describing the feeling of self-perseverance. With an auto-tuned chorus repeating the phrase “ can’t be broken” this song is guaranteed to garner emotion.

“Dark Side of The Moon (feat. Nicki Minaj)” #7

The seventh track is another heartfelt song that tells a story of two lovers going to any lengths to find one another. This story is told through many similes of planets and outer space in general.

“Mona Lisa (feat. Kendrick Lamar)” #8

The eight-track depicts a story of women who work with Lil Wayne to use their sexuality to seduce and trick their victims into letting their guard down and then taking full advantage of the men they seduced. Kendrick, on the other hand, describes a relationship that is causing Kendrick a lot of problems after he finds that she has been deceiving him with Lil Wayne.

“What About Me (feat. Sosamann)” #9

What about me is another heartfelt and emotional song that’s about how Lil Wayne sees and feels for the person he is no longer with the chorus is typically used throughout the song to drive the message of how Lil Wayne misses that person.

“Open Letter” #10

“Open Letter” is precisely what the title implies – an open letter to Lil Wayne’s fans, family, friends, and life in general. Wayne discusses various topics that have been on his mind, notably revealing that he has contemplated suicide and has had feelings of self-hatred.

“Famous (feat. Reginae Carter)” #11

“Famous” showcases a beautiful chorus with the overall theme of Lil Wayne discussing how he felt when he realized that he was famous.

“Problems” #12

“Problems” showcases Lil Wayne bragging about his success and making it clear that having more money isn’t necessarily a good thing. The vibe of this song is relaxed and somewhat aggressive.

“Dope Ni**az (feat. Snoop Dogg)” #13

“Dope Ni**az” has somewhat of an old-school beat with a catchy chorus and chilling verses. The inclusion of Snoop Dogg speaks to the old school vibe of this song. Overall this song is a good song to listen to for a nostalgic vibe.

“Hittas” #14

On this track, Lil Wayne talks about his lifestyle of being wealthy and going to parties. Another example of Wayne bragging at his finest. The beat on this track is my favorite piece of this song.

“Took His Time” #15

The first thing that caught my ear on the song was the beat and that’s because it’s the same beat used in Lil Wayne’s “Bye Bae”. The chorus on this song is probably the most catchy chorus off of this album.

“Open Safe” #16

Open safe certainly has a more raw sound to it due to the fast-paced beat and Lil Wayne talking about gang violence. Nonetheless, this song most definitely has a nice vibe due to the excellent production.

“Start This Sh*t Off Right (feat. Ashanti & Mack Maine)” #17

The piano keys in this song are unbelievable. The overall vibe of this song overall makes me think of the one and only Biggy. The featured artists of this song certainly reminded me of rap in the early hip-hop days.

“Demon” #18

“Demon” has a very low-key beat that progresses within about 10 seconds of the song. Lil Wayne takes a satanic persona. However, it’s very low-key with certain parts deepening his voice. “Demon” also includes some very nice guitar that gives the listener a sense of resolution.

“Mess” #19

“Mess” is hands down a fantastic song. This song used a sample from “Midsummer Madness” created by 88rising and Joji. I genuinely believe Lil Wayne adequately sampled this song with overall an incredible sounding product.

“Dope New Gospel (feat. Nivea) ” #20

This song has a really great sample that runs throughout the song. The medium-paced beat adds a complete support system to his rapping.

“Perfect Strangers” #21

“Perfect Strangers” has a very uplifting inclusive vibe with piano keys, however, Lil Wayne’s bars are about him pouring out his feelings about a girl and his trouble with commitment.

“Used 2” #22

The beat has an eerie, languid pace behind Lil Wayne rapping about some pretty dark thoughts of his. Within about a minute of listening to the song, the beat drops, and the pace begins to become faster.

“Let It All Work Out” #23

“Let it All Work Out” has a fantastic message and an incredible sample of a famous singer. When the beat drops and Lil Wayne is rapping alongside the singer singing “Let it all work out”. The song provides a strong sense of resolution from the roller coaster of emotions and feelings throughout this album. This song is a very well done, complimentary conclusion paragraph to the essay that is, Tha Carter V.