Senior Moments: Issue 1


Romano, Analisa

Our first graduating class has its own logo!

Aiyana Lopez-Montoya and Taya Proby, Senior Moment Beat

High school started out kind of hard with freshman year. We were the first students, and the school was still trying to figure things out. We had subs everyday, teachers quitting, our first principal left and all of this was on the local news. Over the years we’ve really come together as a school and as a class. To finally say that we are seniors, this is our last year and we are graduating soon just shows how far along we have come as the first graduating class at Northfield High School.

What do you remember about freshman year?

“Learning a lot about myself and finding true friends along this journey, with a sport to play” -Alyssa Sanchez

“The funniest thing that’s probably happened at this school was probably Mr. Hathorn’s class when he would teach the class with a finger puppet and put on an accent. He’s overall a hilarious teacher” -Aiyana Lopez-Montoya

How do you feel about your senior year?

“I’m excited to graduate, everyone here is boring, I’m ready to bounce.” -Samina Tave

“I’m ready to graduate and just grow as a person.”  -Shierry Lopez-Itomura

“I’d say it’s been a journey. It’s made me a stronger person.” -Camron Argent

Other reflections from seniors:

“My best moment is playing baseball in the spring against Manuel High School and I hit a walk-off against an old Northfield student Cisco.” -Ryan Thelen

“Overall it wasn’t bad, kind of chaotic. I don’t want to leave my friends.” -Kurtis Gaines

“My time here was challenging, but groundbreaking because being the first seniors, we’re able to start new things-new traditions.” -Ja’Brel Dorsett

“I’ve had some nice teachers, and some enjoyable classes.” -Christopher Raeburn

“I think that we have had a lot of change, but occasionally it can get a bit overwhelming.” -Logan Schubert