How I Became (Homecoming) King: Ryan Thelen


Ryan Thelen

Ryan Thelen, Homecoming King & TDN Reporter

Last Saturday night at my final home I stood next to two of my best friends, Quinton Morales, and Eli Castillo, waiting to hear which name would be called for the 2018 homecoming king of Northfield High School. Mr. Carter said it was a close vote between the three of us and he eventually called my name. I was unsure how to react because I wanted my friends to win, but at the same time, it was really humbling for me to be able to win.

Winning homecoming king was humbling for me because I moved from Nebraska at the start of the spring semester in 2018 and had to restart everything. I had to find new friends, adjust to a smaller school, and a new environment in general. Due to this, I am grateful to know so many people who support me and helped me win.

Although homecoming king is an exciting feat in the moment, it is not all what it is hyped up to be. Of course, everyone is happy for you and excited that you won, but after a few days and a few jokes later, everything wears off and is back to normal like before.

I was not even going to run until my friends convinced me a week in advance since it is my senior year and I thought I might have a real shot at winning. I began to ask people to vote for me and tell their friends to vote, and I ended up all over Snapchat for a day or so. Most of my “campaign” was not even done by me, it was all my friends and people who support me and I am thankful that they were willing to support me so much. At the end of the day, winning homecoming king is a cool achievement to have but I am sure it will be an even better memory for me in the future.