Spider-Man (PS4): Potential Game of the Year?


This year, we’ve been introduced to amazing games like “God of War”, “Detroit become Human”, “NBA 2K 19” and are still eagerly await games like “Red Dead Redemption 2”, “Tomb Raider”, ”Call of Duty Black ops 4”, “Fallout 76”, “Battlefield 5”, etc. However, Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 is the most amazing game that lots of comic fans and gamers have been desperately waiting for 2 years. With positive reviews all around could very well be the game of the year of 2018.

Why, you may ask…well, the game has been in the making since Insomniac released Sunset Overdrive back in 2014. That being said James Stevenson community manager of insomniac  stated So we’ve been in development basically since the end of Sunset Overdrive,” Insomniac’s James Stevenson told Red Bull.And [Spider-Man uses] the same engine we used for that game, and then Ratchet afterwards on PS4, plus all our VR games too …. So we have all of that greatness coming to Spider-Man.” in an interview by RedBull. Sony and Insomnia agreed on announcing the game in 2016 E3 convention with a small interview post documentary. Since then lots of people have been questioning how this will work. People having questions left and right, some questioning how the combat system works others worrying about the swinging, well all those questions where all answered when insomniacs surprised all of us in the E3 Sony press conference in 2017 with a 8 min game play. The 2017 E3 gameplay showed us how the combat system works and how the swinging is done.

Now I have mentioned game mechanics, wed swinging, combat system about the games but nothing about the story setting, main idea well just to be safe there are SPOILERS ahead  I repeat SPOILERS ahead.

Image result for SPOILERSWhat makes a good superhero story? The story? The impact it has on the hero? The villain? Well all those ingredients factor in this years spider-man ps4. Insomniacs knows how to put a story together, by making a Spider-man game set in 8 years ahead. Thus meaning he has had those powers for 8 years now, his enemies knows his tactics and his style of fighting so not only he needs to change his combat but also have to make time for his aunt ,work , Spider-man and for side missions he has to deal with on a daily basis. This game balances the aspects of Peter Parker and Spider-man very well by letting the player play as Peter Parker in some missions and others as playing as Spider-man. This game comes with hundreds and hundreds of easter eggs like one that everyone should know when playing the game the Avengers tower is seen and can crawl on top of the building. This game was released worldwide release on September the 7th making it the highest selling playstation exclusive of the year.