Homecoming Spirit Week

NHS at Its Best!


(The Picture are part of spirit week)

Homecoming Tailgate:

Jumping in inflatable castles, dancing to DJs, and chowing down on food trucks grub: The tailgate for the homecoming game had it all. At 1:15 the activities began, people started to dance, lines filled up. There was corn hole, spike ball, frisbee etc. Though it was hot outside people didn’t seem to mind because of the snow cones being served. It was a nice way to cool down on the record breaking high of the season. The tailgate lasted for two hours however it felt much faster because of all the fun we had.

Homecoming Game:

Our football team trained hard to bring their all to the game showing off their skills. The cheerleaders had a great performance encouraging our players and increasing our team spirit and Nighthawk pride. Overall, this week’s game was an amazing end to spirit week and a great start to our football season.

Everyone in the stands had a great time cheering on our team and enjoying the game. People were decorated in our colors of navy and yellow through fun face paint and clothes. Freshman had a great presence, cheering for our team and dressing in our team colors. Parents and teachers were also in attendance, showing off their pride for the team.

The game? It can be summed up in one word: TOUCHDOWN!

The Northfield Nighthawks bring home their first victory on homecoming! They scored a touchdown first five minute in bringing the score 6 to 0. The first defensive play was a pick 6 interception. The opposing team kicked off the ball receiving it after the first play. On offense they threw another interception to the Nighthawks. The first quarter ended with the score 20-0 Nighthawks. The second quarter hit The Alameda Pirates scored their first touchdown. Then in the same quarter Nighthawks scored three more touchdowns. It was now 45 6. the Nighthawks were crushing! Throughout the game the Nighthawks were intercepting throws right and left.

Homecoming Dance:

Homecoming was on Saturday, September 15. It was themed red carpet. When you walked through the doors you were accompanied by a photographer and walked down the red carpet. The music was loud and there were tons of kids dancing on the dance floor. The DJ played some bops and kids were crowd surfing. The decorations were very fancy. There were fairy lights and streamers. Ryan Thelem won homecoming king and Zion Smith won homecoming queen, Brisa won princess and Cameron won prince. Overall homecoming was a very great experience.