You Don’t Know Jack: Know Your Knowing


Jack Seward

Jack Seward in all of his glory.

Jack Seward, Column Writer

Let me tell you, things are crazy around Northfield High School. Not crazy in a bad way but in a good way, well, it’s good depending on my mood. Usually crazy is pretty bad but it can also be good. But that’s not the point. Let me back up.

Who am I? Well, I’m Jack. Think of me as your favorite grumpy old man that lives next door and hates everything. If you’re looking for happiness and positivity stop reading, do not pass go and do not collect $200 (Monopoly reference). But do not worry, I am here to impart upon you the wisdom of a senior or at least pretend to.

We got some stuff to talk about. Thinking. Thinking may seem like a good idea but it is actually a bad idea if you do it too much. Pro tip: don’t think too much. Why? Because your brain can only hold on to so much information and if you think too much your brain might explode. Not really, but you get what I’m saying.

You want to think, but when you think, make sure that you are thinking about the things that you should be thinking about. If you are not going to think about things that you should be thinking about, then you should stop thinking about thinking and start thinking about how to think in a thinking way where thinking will make you think about the things that you should be thinking about.

Does that make scene?

If not, then you’re not thinking, but that’s good. You don’t want to think too much.

Moral of the story: be purposeful in your actions realize the importance of what is going on around you. You want to be successful, right? Well, the way you do that is by doing. Don’t think — do. But when you do, be sure to think about the thing that you are doing.

But, maybe not. Who knows? What we do know is that, if something can be known, you got to learn it. Then, you will know it.

About the Author:
Jack Seward is a Northfield High School senior. You hear him every day with your daily announcements.