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Best of Summer 2018: Music & Film

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Best of Summer 2018: Music & Film

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If you depend on your friends at school to keep you up to date on the latest music, movies and TV shows, you might miss out on all of the great Arts & Entertainment that came out this past summer. If this is you, check out what your fellow Nighthawks have been enjoying all summer:

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – Movie Review

If you were writing letters that you never meant to send, then why would you address them in the first place? This is a movie you will love. Romance may be driving the plot and it certainly is fun trying to figure out who Lara Jean will end up with, but it’s really the relationship of these sisters that make this movie so amazing. There’s Margot, Lara Jean, and Kitty, who all work hard to keep their family together and after their mom passed away, they bake special Christmas cookies, lying to their dad about the quality of his Korean food. The little details that they show make the family seem really real. That’s why the movie’s most spine-tingling scene is not about who’s kissing whom, but rather the moment when the tension finally breaks between Margot and Lara Jean, making us realize that nothing can get in between them because they are sisters and nothing can change that.

What Other Northfield Students Think:

“I think it’s really cute, should’ve been longer. Really makes you want a relationship.” – Na’Iya Clements

“I love ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”

“Love that movie, perfectly romantic.” – Safie Kanu

“Love that movie, good vibe, good soundtrack.” – Isata Kanu

On My Block – TV Show Review

“On my Block” is a Netflix series about 4 teenage friends that are trying to get through high school and they encounter multiple different challenges. However, these four friends find a way to get through it all. Monse (Sierra Capri), Ruby (Jason Genao), Jamal (Brett Grey), and Cesar (Diego Tinoco) confront the challenges of adolescence and life in their predominantly Hispanic and African American neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles in this coming-of-age comedy series.

What Other Northfield Students Think:

“It’s weird, but I like it, it’s real” – Lyric Battle

“At first, I thought ‘Wow, it’s terrible. But I like it a lot and I think it gives great advice on following your heart’ ” – Na’Iya Clements

“On my Block is pretty cool” – Samina Tave

“I hate that show” – Safie Kanu

“Interesting plot” – Yamiah Carroll

“Took too long to get to the point. There wasn’t enough character development. I wasn’t entertained” – Isata Kanu

SONGS OF THE SUMMER by Janelle Ortega

What was best music over the summer? Top songs? Well we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 songs that were topping the charts over the summer using Spotify streams and the Billboard hot 100 chart.

1) Drake – ”In My Feelings.”

The hit song from Drake’s newest album Scorpion broke the charts with the help of the popular “In my feelings challenge.” It was number 1 on the Billboard Summer Songs Chart and was streamed most on Spotify throughout the 2018 summer.

2) Cardi B – “I Like It ( featuring Bad Bunny and J Balvin)”

A close second with In my feelings, but this Spanish-English track still holds the place on the Billboard and Spotify charts. It was also named Best Song of the Summer by the MTV Video Music Awards.

3) Maroon – “Girls Like You (featuring Cardi B)”

This pop rock single, combined with Cardi’s charisma, makes the perfect song to listen to throughout the summer, ranking number 3 on Billboard and number 2 on Spotify’s charts.

4) JUICE WRLD – “Lucid Dreams”

Peeking at number 4 on Spotify, while number 5 on Billboard showed its commercial success. With many radio plays and a MTV video award nomination, it’s hard to not listen to this song.


Fourteen on Billboard and 5 on Spotify’s charts, the impact this song had on listeners with its sorrowful lyrics that topped the charts following X’s passing.

Astroworld by Travis Scott – Album Review by Ryan Gracey

The newest album by Travis Scott Astroworld, released August 3rd, 2018, brings back the same vibe and feeling of Travis Scott’s potential from his other album Rodeo. Each song on Astroworld has very unique and beautiful sounds that could be described as trippy, which is what he has been known for since Rodeo with songs like Antidote. Currently, the most popular song on Astroworld is “SICKO MODE,” which has about 115 million streams according to Spotify. Personally, I think it has the best flow on the album, as well as a really interesting beat switch mid-song. I really enjoyed listening to this album, as I think Travis Scott has a special place in the rap game with his unique trippy vibes, great flows, and catchy choruses. My only real problem with this album is I think it will be very challenging for Travis to beat “Rodeo”. Nonetheless, it is still definitely worth a listen!

Overall Rating: 4 Nighthawks , ,  out of 5

What Other Northfield Students Are Watching by Ericka Sanchez

The Office

“The comedy suspense was amazing.” -Kelcey Schwartz

“It’s funny.” -Jackson

On My Block

“It was just giving life value, showing about life.” -Jonathan

The Walking Dead

“It is emotional and cause it’s scary.”  -Michia Martin

To All The Boys I Love

“I could relate to the movie to a certain extent.” -Julissa Sierra

The Sinner

“Cause of the suspense.” -Olivia Tartar

Person of Interest

“Just really cool.” -Edgar Rodriguez

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