Senior Moments: Mission Statement


We want to chronicle the first graduating class in school history by publishing a (semi) weekly column with original content by a member of the Class of 2019. The goal is that all seniors create and publish at least 1 piece content at some point this year. The goal of each piece is to reflect something personal and meaningful about your time at Northfield. You could focus on a single moment, experiences over a longer period of time or your whole high school experience. While narrative/autobiographical writing might be the most natural medium, feel free to express yourself in nearly any artistic genre, as long as it can be posted online – something written, something visual, something that you can listen to, or a mixture of 2 or more of these mediums.

  • Why is this a great opportunity?
    • Archived
    • Quality assured
    • School supported
    • Use in portfolio, college application, resume

Trust me, after you finish high school, your memories of these years fade more and more as time passes. Moments and relationships that right now you know shaped you will get increasingly unclear and perhaps forgotten. When you’re all full blown adults decades from now, the content you and your classmates create will enable to look back and see something about you, about your classmates, about this time in history, that is true, that isn’t faded or warped by time and won’t be forgotten. It will live permanently in print, in digital archives, just like each and every one of you will be live permanently in the hearts of each and every NHS community member. Be the authors of how you, your peers, your parents and your teachers will remember the Class of 2019.