Best Mountain Towns for the Holidays


Even though a lot of things will be different this year, going up to the mountains for the holidays is a tradition worth continuing. Here in our glorious box state of Colorado, we are fortunate enough to have multiple nearby vacation towns. But which ones make our top five for the holiday season?

1. Breckenridge

Breckenridge is famous across the country for its amazing ski slopes, and more importantly, incredible ski resorts. Going up for the holidays means plenty of snow, and plenty of cocoa. Many people spend the day out on the slopes, before coming in for a relaxing time in the hot tubs and heading up to bed. Although it might be a slightly different experience, you can still enjoy more than a few of these 5 star hotels. Many of them have started using UV light projectors after disinfecting each room to ensure a 100% sanitary environment. And while masks may be required when walking through public spaces, your room can be your own personal oasis. In addition, pools and hot tubs are keeping their doors open, as long as you have booked an appointment in advance. Even during these strange times, Breckenridge continues to be a perfect holiday destination.

2. Aspen

If you’re looking to get the full White Christmas experience then look no further than the extravagant Colorado town of Aspen. It has it all, a christmas tree lighting ceremony, Carolers and even live reindeer. The town even hosts a 12 days of Christmas celebration, with a wide range of activities for people to enjoy, including ice-skating, holiday concerts, hot-chocolate, and their world famous slopes. These events are going to look a lot different this year, but the fun will still go on.

3. Winter Park

Credit: Murray Foubister.

Winter Park. Even the name sounds like a magical winter wonderland. Similar to its neighbors, Winter Park is known for its ski slopes. But while people come to ski, they stay for the adorable mountain town. Often filled with burning fire pits and the sound of chimes, this area lures visitors in with its playful character. In addition, Winter Park also has a series of sensational restaurants with mouth watering foods. And if roaring fireplaces and delicious meals don’t sound like a dream holiday vacation spot, than I don’t know what does.

4. Steamboat 

Steamboat Springs is another Colorado town famous for its world renowned ski resorts. This town also hosts a Holiday celebration consisting of music, lights and various holiday foods. The Holiday festival offers the chance for people to get to see Santa himself riding down the slopes on horse-back. Visitors can also meet Santa and his reindeer friends at his workshop. While in Steamboat visitors can also enjoy snowshoeing, hot air balloon rides and soaking in hot springs. You might have to make reservations prior to attending any of these events, but its all worthwhile.

5. Vail 

This year Vail is hosting two big Holiday Festivals. The first is called “Vail Snow days” during this time visitors can enjoy a day of skiing, and then experience a lineup of impressive concerts in the Vail Village. The second Festival is their Holiday Festival. During this festival visitors can enjoy the tree lighting ceremony and shopping from the holiday market. During both of these festivals one can enjoy at no cost the carolers and the Christmas decorations. 

So despite how it may look at first glance, there are still plenty of options to get out of town for the holidays, and stay safe, sane, and healthy. These 5 towns are ideal ways to escape the chaos of our day to day lives, and take a much needed vacation. If you disagree with the town we chose, or have another favorite, put it in the comments below!