Halloween Movies to Scare the Whole Family


Top 6 horror and family Halloween Movies WE recommend : 

The Shining: 

Released in 1980, Directed by Stanley Kubrick and Starring Jack NIcholson, Shelly Duvall and Danny Lloyd.

Based off the book written by Stephen King, the story is about a man and his family taking care of an empty and haunted hotel in colorado during the winter. The isolation and ghost lead the man to become a “homicidal maniac hell bent on terrorizing hiits family.

Rotten tomato score of 83%  ( Rated R )

Would You Rather:

It is based on the party game “would you rather,” and centers on Snow’s character Iris as she attends a dinner party, where she must partake in life-threatening games to help her sick younger brother secure a donor.   

( Not Rated  ) 


Released in 2017. Directed by Paco Plaza and starring Sandra Escacena, Ivan Chavero, Claudia Placer, and Bruna Gonzalez.

A Spanish movie taking place in 1991, when a 15 year old girl named Veronica tries to summon her father’s spirit during a solar eclipse with a ouija board a demon arrives instead of her father causing terrifying experiences for Veronica and her family.   

Rotten tomato score of 90% ( Rated TV-MA)


Released in 1998. Directed by Duwayne Dunham. Starring Kimberly J. Brown, Debbie Reynolds, and Joey Zimmerman.

A Disney Channel original movie about a family of witches and warlocks discovering their power, traveling to halloweentown and fighting against the evil that is trying to take over halloweentown.

Rotten tomato score of 80%.    (Rated TV-G)

Practical Magic:

Released in 1998. Directed by Griffin Dunne. Starring Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Stockard Channing, and Dianne Wiest.

After 2 witch sisters accidentally kill a man, his spirit haunts them while a cop tries to solve the mystery of who murdered the man.

90% of google users liked this movie    ( Rated PG-13)

The Boy Who Cried WereWolf:

Released in 2010. Directed by Eric Bross. Starring Victoria Justice, Chase Ellison, and Brook Shields.

The Nickelodeon original movie is about a family that inherits a mansion by a long lost relative, the family decides to move. While in the spooky mansion the Older sister turns into a werewolf. Now she and her younger brother are forced to fight vampires, save their family, and find a cure.

94% of google users liked this movie    ( Rated TV-Y)