Welcome to Northfield, Assistant Principal Rodriguez-Bracey!

Welcome to Northfield, Assistant Principal Rodriguez-Bracey!

It’s not easy to get to know people virtually, so here’s a little information about Northfield’s new assistant principal to help you get to know her better.

Ms. Rodriguez-Bracey is a Colorado native, she went to Aurora Central High School and has taught at other schools in the Denver-metro area. While in high school she played volleyball, basket, and golf, and she was very involved in student council, in her senior year she was student body president. She says “I’m definitely a social butterfly, still to this day, I like being involved, I’m a people person.” She got her undergraduate degree at Colorado State University, her master’s degree at University of Phoenix and she is working on earning her PhD at University of Denver.
Before working at Northfield she said “I have been any position you can think of in education.” She has worked as an educational assistant, a teacher, in different positions in administration, and as a coach and athletic director. She taught at North Middle School (in Aurora), for eight years, three years as a social studies teacher and then five years as a literacy teacher. The last three years that she worked there she had the highest gross scores in the state, which she says means that “my kids grew way beyond any other kid in the state,” after that the principal at North Middle School encouraged her to become an administrator. She chose to do that because she wanted to “support other teachers so she could have a greater impact. I wasn’t just impacting my ninety students, I would by impacting fourteen hundred students or however many students” and because she enjoys working with kids.

Her favorite part about working in a school is that “people think that the teacher or the adult teaches kids a lot, but really it’s the other way around, students teach me more about life then I could ever teach them.” Her favorite part of working at Northfield so far has been that she has worked closely with Northfield’s mental health team, she is appreciative of how they are able to help students. If she could change something about Northfield she says she’d “like to give more student voice, right? Like, I would like to, if we had the opportunity, to take some students on tours of other buildings so they could get some ideas around some classes that we offer.” She wants students to get the chance to have a say in some of the classes that the school offers.

This year her goals are to start to build relationships with the people she works with, she wants to make sure that we build community through remote learning even though it is hard, and she wants to help make sure that students are getting better results. Her least favorite thing about remote learning is the amount of time we all spend on screens, from classes on google meets to the majority of our work being online, but she is glad that she doesn’t have to run around the building to get to one place from another.

We’re happy to have you at Northfield Ms. Rodriguez-Bracey!