Worst Halloween Candy 2020

Worst Halloween Candy 2020

Every year on Halloween, kids across the nation dress up to go trick or treating. They hunt through the night for sweet treats from their neighbors, before returning home with their loot. But which 5 types of candy kick the bucket? We’re about to find out.

  1. Tootsie rolls

  2. Milk duds

  3. Candy corn

  4. Dots

  5. 100 grand

Tootsie Rolls – First place for the most hated candy goes to tootsie rolls/tootsie pop. The taffy-like substance with a chocolate flavor doesn’t work well. The suckers, on the other hand, are good… until you get to the middle. The fruity pop gets hit with this gross chocolate flavor, and ultimately ends up in the trash.

Milk Duds 5oz Theater Size Box: BlairCandy.comMilk Duds – What flavor are they, chocolate?! MILK?!

No, mostly dud.

Candy Corn – The blob of sugar that can’t pass as candy or corn. This classic Halloween candy is iconic of the colors and sugar craze that fills the world at this time of year. But how it got so famous, we’ll never know. With a flavor capable of triggering your gag reflex, and an assaulting color palate, it’s truly a mystery what people see in it. After all, why waste time on this bland, disgusting kernel when you could be having chocolate?

Dots Candy Mini Packs: 17-Piece Bag | Candy WarehouseDots – Fun fact number four on our list is Dots, which happen to be vegan. In addition to being gluten free, nut free, and peanut free they are also flavor free. If you’ve ever wondered what melted plastic tastes like, go ahead and try the green one. Biting into a dot can be easily compared to biting into a waxy-candle. They are chewy in a it’s-almost-impossible-to-get-them-unstuck-from-your-teeth kinda way.

100 Grand Fun Size Candy Bars: 72-Piece Case | Candy Warehouse100 Grand – Who in their right mind had the great idea of mixing caramel, crisped rice, and chocolate thinking it was a good combination. The candy is essentially a big, chewy lump of caramel from the 1960’s. The candymakers said,”Let’s take a Crunch bar and fill it with caramel, because we’re different”. 100 Grand, more like 10 cent ordinary.

Well, we’ve given our two cents. Think we got it wrong? Prove it. Think we got it right? Show it. Vote on your least favorite Halloween candy in the poll below!

Happy Halloween!