Dear COVID-19,


Lydia Wilson

Northfield High School is a medium sized school on the corner of Central Park and 56th, filled with irreplaceable students and staff that make up a beautiful family. 


You may know us very well, but we don’t know much about you. But we do know how much you have impacted our lives. We do now that our 2020 seniors won’t be able to have the graduation they dreamed of. We do know that thousands of students all over the country lost their opportunity to play their spring sports. And most importantly, now we know how important it was to go outside and live our lives.


For that, I thank you Corona. I hope going through this experience can allow people to realize there are some flaws in our country and that things shouldn’t go back to normal. I thank you because you have shown the whole country how lucky we are to be able to go outside not fearing death or sickness.


But there’s something you should know about us too. We are strong, and we have always been strong. Together or apart we are a community, and we will forever be Nighthawks. 


COVID-19 you couldn’t have picked a better community to impact because in the end, we will always rise up.


Go Nighthawks!