The Best Is Yet To Come

The Best Is Yet To Come

Lydia Wilson

300,000+ deaths. 5 million+ confirmed cases. Hundreds of medical professionals have died. All this from the Corona Virus Outbreak. Although, the best is yet to come.


2,000+ human deaths. Over 60,000+ thousand bees are dead. Limiting the amount of bees we need. All of this from the Japanese Giant Hornet. Although, the best is yet to come.


1 death. 1 name being the most searched in the U.S. 1 mother who had the worst mothers day of her life this past Sunday. All because of Gregory and Travis McMichael. Although, the best is yet to come.


The only thing left we have is hope. Hope that we get a cure. Hope that we can stop the production of wasps. Hope that people will stop seeing people who don’t look like them as a threat.


Hope is something that Northfield has given us. With the construction of our new building, we won’t have to worry about crowded hallways, and not enough classrooms.Hope is something that we have learned through our community and is it something that we can continuously hold on to until we all meet again.


But until then… THE BEST IS YET TO COME.