2020: Wildest Year in Human History?


When you mess with the bull, you get 2020.

Everyone was ready and looked forward to the new year as the clock struck midnight. But what everyone wasn’t ready for was the events that have transpired during this bizarre  year we call 2020. 

During January, US president Donald J. Trump took out Iran’s general Qassim Soleimani. This sparked the internet to joke about WW3 and make memes about the current situation. Some such as “ Me and the boys pulling up to WW3”, “ Drop Lizzo out of a fighter jet”, “ COD Players it’s your time to shine” and that’s just some of the wild jokes people were coming up with. 

During February, the wildest event in up to date history happened. The COVID-19 also known as the Coronavirus struck as it quickly spread from Wuhan, China to around the world. From the USA all the way to Italy. Toilet paper, hand sansitizer, and mask quickly went out of stock and fights broke out all over the US. Italy shut its entire country down making it impossible to enter or leave the state. And shortly after more countries did the same.

During March, the scariest event happened. Self-Quarantine. Staying at home being 6 ft apart from friends and loved ones. The strangest times as days take forever to end and the hours tick down to restart another day. While some found ways to entertain themselves, others weren’t so lucky. Some celebrities posted videos of them having mental breakdowns from being alone due to the pandemic. While April was pretty quiet the Government released actual footage of UFOs but to their surprise no one seemed to care due to this year’s events. Hopefully nothing too crazy happens in the next months and the pandemic ends soon.