Does Harvard really care about all their students?

Lydia Wilson

Early this morning, the media received the news that Ivy League college Harvard University has ordered all their students to pack all their things and leave by march 15 following the coronavirus outbreak. Although this is quite a big issue because of the mass amount of low income students and international students with no where to go. They have offered online class until things can get resolved but once again Harvard seemingly only thinks about its wealthy students when making campus wide decisions that can affect many other students very negatively.

Many people such as Jason Johnson, a political science professor posted on twitter his concerns about the student left with no place to go. Johnson says he knows multiple parents scrambling to get their kids home but are struggling with financial help on such short notice. It is publicly clear that Harvard has a huge endowment at 40 billion dollars and why they can’t use that to provide travel funds and financial need for their student population is beyond many parents, students, and educators.

Time and time again, despite the programs, scholarships, and financial aid they give to students of color and low income students, Harvard pushes them back and ultimately makes decisions without thinking about their WHOLE human body of students.They continuously support their rich white students” says one twitter user, and frankly would you want to go to a college like that?