I went to china and this is what I thought about it:An extension with the Hong Kong Protests

Lydia Wilson

Over Thanksgiving break I took the most amazing trip in my life: I went to China! I know what you’re thinking; why did you go to China? Was it for vacation or something else? Well, ever since I was little I have always loved the Chinese culture and the famous panda bear. Although, when I went to China it was very controversial because of the recent Hong Kong protests that have been occurring because of the lack of human rights of the Chinese people.

I had an amazing experience that allowed me to see a totally different culture, customs, and language than what I am used to here in the U.S. I went to China expecting some political things I didn’t agree with, but I am very surprised about what I learned about the people,communism, and political traditions. The Chinese government has made some very big headlines because of the exploitation of the Muslim Chinese citizens, the Urghurs. There is physical video evidence that the Chinese communist government is kidnapping Uyghur people, putting them in concentration camps, similar to the Holocaust, and forcing them to learn mandarin and Buddhism practices.Although, when I visited China they had multiple restaurants, hotels,and historical locations devoted to the Muslim Chinese population. The citizens of China seem to have a high appreciation for the Urghur people, and the citizens solely believe that their government would never do anything to harm them saying that they have a very significant role in Chinese society.

Ultimately, my idea of communism changed drastically when I visited this beautiful country because of the ideas that we are exposed to here about how harmful it is.When I visited there were multiple soldiers watching everything you did and said, as well as there being numerous rules you had to follow, although when speaking with some of the natives, young and old, they enjoy the life that they are living and seem at peace with their government and lifestyle. I believe that every citizen in the world should have a chance of democracy because their voices deserve to be heard throughout the government that controls them.We are all fortunate to be able to have a democratic system and should support other countries trying to move in the same direction.