Tristan’s Journey For A New Heart

Tristans Journey For A New Heart

Lydia Wilson

Heart disease is very real and can affect many individuals in your everyday life. One in three people are affected by heart disease and have to live with this their whole lives, having to endure doctor’s appointments, costly surgeries, and mental and emotional hardships.

Tristan was born with half a heart and suffered many issues when he was little.He was 4 and a half years old when he had his heart transplant, which is a very risky surgery for such a small baby. Despite all of these challenges, Tristan stayed strong and brave allowing him to live an amazing life today. He is 12 years old right now and loves lacrosse and playing PlayStation.

Although this is not the case for many children who have heart transplants, many don’t have the resources for the help they need. The AHC can provide this for thousands of children a year paying for the surgeries, checkups, and medicines. Even if you don’t think this is important to you, ultimately it might be because one out of a thousand kids have a heart defect, meaning your children might have this one day or one of your family members. This can be very emotional for some individuals but by donating you can help the two thousand unfunded cases end up just like Tristan living his best life despite all the challenges he has faced. In Colorado alone they have raised about 7 million dollars, and hopefully with our help they can raise three thousand dollars more.

By texting northfieldahc to 41444, you can donate to AHC to help more kids like Tristan survive and happily live the life they deserve.If you donate more than 50 dollars then you can dump a bucket of slime on Mr. Kersten!