Sexism Within Journalism

Lydia Wilson

Nina Harrelson, an anchor of the WREG Daybreak Weekend Show, stood up nationally for all women in the news industry by tweeting various statements about the reality of being a woman in journalism. Unfortunately, looks have a lot to do with the success of a female news anchors, having multiple celebrities, fans, and interviewees comment on her weight as a form of unsolicited advice.Expecting anchors to look like models, is very offensive stereotype because for many women their hard work gets overlooked for the way they dress,look, and their weight. TV shows, movies, and societies have built the idea of very attractive, sexy anchor women when in reality it’s their hard work and dedication should be the most important trait of their personality for the news station.

Harrelson expresses the idea of these things limiting young women from joining the news community because it is something that men will never experience.She had a wave of support from other female journalists commenting on her post, sharing their own stories.

Journalism is a very successful career that a lot of women have grown to love, including me. Many women have fought hard to be able to work along men in many different industries. To have the honor to write for the school website is such an amazing experience that can affect the future of many students career paths and this monumental moment in history is equally significant.