POV: Valentines Day But You’re Single



Lydia Wilson

Valentine’s Day is an amazing time of the year when couples buy flowers,roses,and chocolates for their significant others and focuses on celebrating love and relationships. But nobody talks about what you should do if your single.

Valentines Day can be depressing if you’re a popular loner but that doesn’t mean you have to be sitting at home, binge watching The Office while eating Walgreen’s chocolate.There are amazing plans that you can make with your friends and limited time offers from restaurants this holiday.

Go to the mall and treat yourself to some new shoes, clothes, or something that you have been eyeing for months. Treating yourself is important for self care and your mental happiness because you are appreciating yourself for who you have been for the past year. You could also plan a date with your best friend, go to California pizza and share a heart shaped pizza to celebrate the holiday. If you are more of a social butterfly than throw a single’s party! Party and maybe you’ll meet the one for you. Happy Valentines Day!