Mental Health for Athletes

Mental Health for Athletes

Lydia Wilson

Mental Health is a serious topic that is frequently talked about throughout schools and homes affecting students, athletes, and even adults.Although, there are many things presented to cope with anxiety, stress, and mental exhaustion. One of the most popular ways to handle stress is with sports but very frequently, for many students, sports causes stress and anxiety when they never had it in the first place or making it much worse.

Having unstable mental health can lead to a lot of issues such as drowsiness, panicking, and numbness which can affect many people’s daily lives at school,work, and at home. Many members of our community suffer from these problems making it hard for them to act themselves and be happy in their everyday lives. I have been suffering from these problems all season long and it has been affecting my understanding in school and making my mental state altered. This is a very important issue to talk about with young teens because this can lead to more problems throughout our lives.

Apps, meditation, and rest can all help cure your mental and physical exhaustion allowing you to perform better, feel better, and take the time for you to relax and realize why you love your sport in the first place. Championships, state, and varsity goals can have an impact on all athletes but taking care of your health should always come first.

Apps of recommendation: