Marvel’s Infinity Saga Box Set

Marvels Infinity Saga Box Set

Kyren Washington

San Diego Comic-Con dropped another gem for Marvel fans during the convention. Not only did the Infinity Saga box set get confirmed, a trailer for the amazing collection of the 23 Films of the MCU was also released. All movies released between 2008 and 2019 will be included and potentially cost up to $600.

Even though Infinity Saga box sets will be sold for a high cost, it contains content that is worth the price. New and never seen before deleted scenes from all 23 films will be included and each film will be remastered with 4K on Blu-ray. This may conflict with the Marvel section of Disney+, but hopefully it won’t affect the release of the Infinity Box.

The box set may be sold with posters and artwork from the movies and include a thank you note to the fans who have supported all the films. A signed plack from the actors and elusive lithographs could potentially be added to the box, but nothing has been confirmed at this point. Fans are hoping for top quality MCU goodies, and hopefully, the Infinity Box will exceed expectations.