Black Widow Trailer Breakdown


Kyren Washington

Marvel has dropped its first of many trailers to come for the upcoming Black Widow movie.

The trailer kicks off with a shot of Budapest, immediately exciting many fans as it eludes to the long running private joke between Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) and Hawkeye. Immediately after, the audience hears her say “I used to have nothing”, and it cuts to a couple of shots of the Red Guardian and Yelena Belova. 

The Red Guardian is like the Soviet Union’s version of Captain America. He was trained to fight in the Red Room, just like Natasha. Yelena Belova is an alternate Black Widow that had transplanted memories and was known to be Romanoff’s rival. However in this movie, it looks like Marvel is going to have her as her younger sister.

Later in the trailer Taskmaster appears. He is later seen fighting the Red Guardian in some kind of Russian base. Taskmaster looks to be the main villain of this movie, but many theorists say this isn’t Tony Masters, aka Taskmaster, and there will be a huge plot twist leading to someone else becoming the villain of the movie. 

The last bit of the trailer shows Black Widow falling through the sky while guards shot at her. We then get a glimpse of what appears to be Black Widow’s classic suit but with some alterations, as it’s white with added armor.

If anything is to be assumed, it’s that Taskmaster may not be the main villain of the movie. People have also speculated that Iron Maiden, another past Russian spy or Yelena may double cross her. Until more is revealed that’s all that can be gleaned from the trailer for now.