Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse 2 Release Teaser


Kyren Washington

Sony just dropped a huge teaser image for Into the Spider-Verse 2. After the huge success of the first film which was released on December 14, 2018 and grossed $375.5 million worldwide with a budget of $90 million, it makes sense why a sequel is in development. If it is anything like its predecessor then it should be nominated for the number 1 animated movie once more.

The huge success of the first movie brought Spider-Man (Earth 616), Spider-Man Noir( Earth 90214) , Peni Parker( Earth TRN704), Spider-Gwen(Earth 65) , Spider-Ham( Earth 8311), Miles Morales (Earth 1610), and a post credit scene of Spider-Man 2099 (Earth 928) to Earth 1610 to take down the Kingpin and stop the multiverse from being destroyed. A lot of alternate suits were shown along with the advanced suit from the recent hit of Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man. But going over the easter eggs and suits would be a very long list so instead, I’m going to count down the Spider-Men that have yet to be shown.

  1. Scarlet Spider- This version of Spider-Man first graced comic books in Spider-Man #51, 1994. Ben Reilly was revealed to a clone of Peter Parker later then tricking him into thinking that he was the clone. This version of spider has more web cartridges and carries them on his wrist or in little pocket like pouches on his ankle.
  2. Spider-Man UK-  This version of Spider-Man first made his comic book appearance in Edge of Spider-Verse #2, 2014. Coming from (Earth 833) this version is named William Braddock and is the Spider-Man for England. He founded the group the Spider-Army and he is the leader of the web warriors. 
  3. Spider-Punk- This Version of Spider-Man is named Hobie Brown and he leads the resistance against the mayor Norman Osborn and the symbiote police force. In this story line he used his guitar to smash against Norman’s head instead of playing music with it. 
  4. Superior Spider-Man- This version of Spider-Man traded places with Doctor Octavis. Once Doc Ock took over Peter’s body he made a few upgrades to Spider-Man’s tech. Once it was time to trade places again he returned the mind of Peter back into his body.
  5. Spider-Man 2099- This version of Spider-Man was a post credit scene in the first movie. He has retractable talons and fangs that create a poison along with everything else that makes him Spider-Man. He should play a key role in the sequel if he returns.