Marvel’s Avengers

Marvels Avengers

Kyren Washington

A new game under the development of Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, and Eidos Montreal, has been preparing to rival Marvel’s Spider-Man, the fastest-selling Playstation exclusive after only three days in stores. This beat God of War and was the best selling superhero game of all time. As of July 2019, it has sold 13.2 million copies. 

The game that is predicted to rival this bestseller is Marvel’s Avengers. This game was first teased in January 2017, but it’s been under the radar since then. Finally, during the 2019 E3, the audience’s minds were blown at the reveal of the game. Square Enix has revealed the main playable characters in this game to be Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and the Hulk. 

Many fans are wondering where’s Hawkeye, one of the six main Avengers, within this lineup. He may be a day one hero patch, as Square Enix is going to add more Heroes and Regions to discover. All added heroes and regions are completely free. Marvel’s Avengers will allow you to customize every hero in the way you want from the way the heroes play, down to the skill tree and abilities. So if someone wants a zone-based Iron Man, but an up-close and in your face tank Hulk, it’s possible. However, there will be in-game purchases for specific suits. The game is set to be an RPG with the gear you can collect for each hero.

The plot of the game is set after the events of A day. This is the day where the Avengers meet up with fans, but during the event Taskmaster attacks, and the Avengers take him down. During the fight with Taskmaster, the Kymera explodes, bringing down the Helicarrier and supposedly killing Captain America. After this the Avengers break up, Tony Stark loses his wealth and fame, and Bruce Banner is stuck as the Hulk for a time. Thor, feeling no longer worthy of Mjolnir, leaves it on Captain America’s grave, and Black Widow is back to being a spy. It is the job of the player, Kamala Khan (aka Ms.Marvel), as well as Antman, to reassemble the Avengers to take down the bigger threat of AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics). In the comics, AIM’s main goal is to get rid of heroes, because they believe that science is better than superheroes. For who’s leading them, it seems like it may be MODOK or Baron Zemo. They have been threats to the Avengers, and they just so happen to be the leaders of AIM. 

For the past few weeks, Square Enix has been showing off some new abilities and one new skin for each hero. First, it was Hulk’s week where some of his abilities were shown off to the public. Later came the first look at the gear menu and the different collectible resources. 

Despite the questionable marketing and the little information known about the game, the sales and the constant updates for free heroes and new regions should bring in more players over time.