Top 5 Hidden Gems on Disney+


Bella Villacres and Lydia Wilson

In honor of World Television Day, we have brought to you some of the movies/shows that you might have missed when scrolling through 2019’s Disney+. If you have not already downloaded the app, then these hidden gems might make you reconsider!

Gem #5: Ariel’s Beginnings

Ever wondered what happened to Ariel’s mother? Ever wondered why King Triton won’t let anyone in Atlantic go above the surface? Well, in this movie you’ll figure out the history of Ariel’s family in Atlantis! Most sequels and prequels aren’t as good a

s originals, but this hidden gem actually has a really good plotline and animation! If you love the classic Little Mermaid and would like to know more about Ariel’s world, WATCH THIS!


Gem #4: The Parent Trap

Do you remember watching The Parent Trap when you were younger? Do you remember the Lindsay Lohan twin illusion? Well, The Parent Trap was made by Disney, so this classic movie is on Disney+!!

In the movie, two girls find out they were twins and decided to lure their parents into getting back together so that they could be together. But the coolest part it, Lindsay Lohan is the only one who played the twins!

Gem #3: The Sandlot

Ever heard somebody say “You’re killing me smalls!” Well, this is the movie! A group of boys meets up at the sandlot to play baseball until one goes over the fence…

This family classic is also included in Disney+!

This movie is a good throwback to the good ol’ days.

Gem #2: All 31 seasons of The Simpsons

Did you know that Disney+ has ALL 31 seasons of The Simpsons? Perfect for weekend binges!

This TV show is a comedic classic, showing everyone the hilarious moments of being a family- with funky drawings too!

Bored on the weekend? Well, there’s enough seasons of The Simpsons to last you a while! 

(And they’re amazing to rewatch!)

Gem #1: Lady and The Tramp live action

While the Lady and The Tramp live-action isn’t actually that hidden, it truly is a gem. This beautifully animated movie brings back the classic from your childhood in an all-new way. While some people do not like live actions because they are creepy, this movie is the perfect mix between life-like and animated. A true family treat!

Honorable Mention: Dumbo Live action

This movie puts a new spin on the classic movie Dumbo by adding a more animal-friendly twist to the movie. While in this movie Dumbo does not speak, the adorable and expressive animation truly communicates how he is feeling. Not only that but at the same time, the movie is true to the original animated film!