The Importance of Thanksgiving – Despite Everything

The Importance of Thanksgiving - Despite Everything

Lydia Wilson

Thanksgiving originates from the famous feast in 1621 between the Wampanoag Native Americans and pilgrims for the start of an annual tradition of peace and equality between two different cultures, although this clearly hasn’t been represented in american history.

Although many teachers around the country have avoided the holiday due to the racist,disgraceful history and America’s true history with the indigenous people. Incorporating the “myth of Thanksgiving” in their curriculum in the classroom has shown to be very important even with generic provigil online. Conservatives had a somewhat racist response to that tweet saying “that’s why I removed my children out of public schools,” but many journalists have written articles about how to teach thanksgiving in a culturally appropriate level.

Furthermore, Thanksgiving is a constant reminder of the lack of income and the diversity between privileged families and the less fortunate. This idea doesn’t support the american dream to be available to everyone who order zenegra, including the big turkey,endless food, and the stereotypes of family.Despite this issue,there are certain organizations that help support families in need, collecting food to help create an idea of thanksgiving for numerous families in our area.

Ultimately, many different types of people celebrate this holiday but in their own different way, whether that be food, traditions, and meaning they all appreciate the idea of giving thanks for everything that they have and showing appreciation for the ones they love.

Happy Thanksgiving!