Netflix Reviews

Connor Smithburger

Have you ever wasted hours of your precious free time watching an awful show on Netflix? If your answer is yes, I recommend you keep reading. If your answer is no, then you must watch the same show over and over again on repeat. Regardless of your answer, it’s time for something new and better. And also for identifying something that’s not worth your time. By reading this article series, you can find out what to watch, and what to drop.

What to watch: Arrested Development. To summarize, this is The Office that people haven’t started watching. It’s not exactly underrated, but it isn’t new. Although they recently came out with a new season, their prime episodes were in the mid 2,000s. The show was iconic for people 15 years ago, but now it is forgotten. Although the quality of their recent episodes has gone down, it is still a classic. Through the first three seasons, it gained critical appraise. Rotten Tomatoes’ average rating through the first three seasons was 99%. On almost every comedy ranking list, Arrested Development cracks the top 30. In some cases, it was rated one, and in others, it’s 50. There are no doubts that the first three seasons rose it to prominence, but the last two seasons brought it down. Overall, I recommend anybody to watch this, because no matter how many times I rewatch it, it never fails to make me laugh.

What not to watch: Haters Back Off. This Netflix original is about YouTube star Miranda Sings. Many people, especially girls, know who Miranda Sings is. She made it big on YouTube around 10 years ago and has since been a household name. She is played by actor Colleen Ballinger, who is 32 years old. Although she still has success from touring worldwide, her Netflix series was a flop. Critics didn’t like it, and fans didn’t like it. This show should be near the bottom of everyone’s list.