Chicago Teacher Strike


The Chicago Teacher Strike has been a monumental moment that has been all over the news following the popular Denver Teacher Strike back in 2018.Chicago staff including security officers and custodians went on strike for almost 10 days for more pay, smaller classes, and much deserved vacation time. They walked throughout the streets of Chicago chanting about the unfair wages and treatments the hard working teachers have endured for much too long.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a primarily Democratic mayor, had disapproved their walkout and stated that she would give them a 16% salary increase to avoid the strike but it wasn’t enough. Lightfoot also stated that the teachers should not be rewarded for keeping the students out of school while the teachers picketed. Through it all, a total of eight teachers were arrested for wanting a better way to teach their students and have a stronger relationship by decreasing class sizes. Although the teachers were limiting the learning time their students, the issues that they are fighting for are much deeper and significant than simply getting paid more.

There are several issues within the school system that parents, students, and government officials don’t understand. Teachers have not been treated with importance when it comes to the government’s priority and that should change. They have been dealing with these issues for centuries and it is time to still up and fight for what they deserve. Additionally, diazepam 10 mg online will not extended the school year or provide additional school days for the time and educational class time that students lost during the strike. The teachers ultimately ended up accepting a deal on Wednesday with Chicago Public Schools for the sake of their students but they felt punished for standing up for their rights and going against the mayor and their representatives.

The teachers main goal is wanting to provide what taxpayers are paying for and what is promised to parents and students when they go to school each and everyday.The majority of admin supported their reasoning and sacrifice for going on strike including generic modafinil, bus aides, special education teachers, and security guards. The deal that they accepted from the school district was a wage increase ranging from 17 to 40 percent for support staff including union officials.

Custodians are additional getting two weeks of paid vacation that they lost previously in 2015. This contract ends in June 2023, a five year contract, which meets somewhat of their needs.Numerous parents have been filing complaints about the failing education system and how that impacts their kids directly everyday. The lack of resources and value impacts a students future and their perspective on school for the rest of their life.