Denver Fans Are Losing Altitude

Denver Fans Are Losing Altitude

Rue Eissa, Sports Beat

So, last time I wrote an article about the Nuggets, I bashed their failure after a strong run throughout the last season. Now, I’m here to say, I am sorry for your loss Denver fans, because your games this season are currently out of order. If you can’t get tickets, if you can’t be downtown and no other channel has taken pity and is playing Nuggets games, you stand little chance of finding your games. 

Most Nuggets games along with all Colorado sports teams games are aired exclusively on the local cable network Altitude with a few exceptions here and there. The upcoming NBA season is expected to be a great one for Denver after the last season and if the dilemma between Altitude and cable giants such as Comcast and Dish is not solved, fans will have a hard time supporting the team. 

Altitude is owned by the Kroenke Sports and Entertainment company. The carriage deals between the company and cable networks have run out and a new deal has not been reached. Cable companies have had to pay higher prices to have the channel as a part of their services. At the end of this run, Kroenke upped its price for Altitude and refused to lower it, leading to an inevitable pull away from multiple of the largest TV distributors such as Comcast, DirecTV and Dish. With the official NBA season starting for the Nuggets on the 23rd of October and the Avalanches’s season starting even sooner than that, coaches and players from the two teams have expressed their hopes that the issue will be solved. 

Nuggets coach Micheal Malone expressed his hopes for the channel saying, “I don’t know when the last time that the Denver Nuggets had this much of a buildup and excitement going into the season.” It would be quite a disappointment to lose access to the games for all fans of Colorado sports teams. 

Though it may be the first season where the games aren’t available for viewing, the feeling of disappointment won’t be a new one for Nuggets fans. 

UPDATE: DirecTV has reached an agreement with Altitude Sports and will be adding the channel back.