Rumors Surrounding the PS5 release


Kyren Washington

The PS5 is rumored to release in the late fall of 2020, and with a new console comes new and improved system upgrades. The PS5 is said to have 8K with 60 fps, an 8-core AMD CPU, a custom 3D Audio unit, an SSD, a lower power saving mode, and backward compatibility for all PS4 games. This is a huge upgrade from the PS4, with a plethora of new technology and better loading times and graphics. The PS5 is roughly estimated to be around $600 at launch. 

The price seems shockingly high, and it is, but don’t worry. PS4 players will still be able to play online with PS5 players, and Sony plans to support the PS4 for about 10 more years before putting it into the hall of fame. So far Sony has been trying to push the PS5 to its limits, improving all the old tech and working on faster loading times and power efficiency. Behind closed doors, Sony showed off the developing PS5, and displayed the game Marvel’s Spider-Man and compared it to the PS4 Pro. In comparison, it took several seconds to load in on the PS4, and a second at most to load on the PS5 showing off the speed capabilities of the new console. This is just a taste of the improvements to come for Playstation. Cross-play is another feature rumored to be added to the PS5 for a few online games.

The PS4 had a low power saving mode but the PS5’s low power saving mode is an improved version. The power-saving mode is estimated to suspend gameplay to 0.5 watts. This means that if 1 million players turn on this low power saving mode, it should be the power equivalent of 1,000 US homes. 

Sony hasn’t given a price or even confirmed the name of the new console nor a release date. Until Sony officially announces the new console and gives it a name, all information is just a rumor that’s being highly speculated about.