Exposing Jimmy John


Lydia Wilson

Jimmy John’s sandwiches are well known to be a tasty, “freaky fast” meal that everyone can enjoy. Just imagine it, biting into a delicious, juicy, gourmet sandwich. Now, imagine a naked man lying on top of an illegally poached shark. Surprisingly, these images have more in common then we would ever like to admit. 

As many students know, there is a Jimmy John’s Sandwich shop located near the school, which is a popular lunch spot, especially for juniors and seniors. But what some people don’t know is that Jimmy John’s is actually a very controversial business. The owner, Jimmy John Liautaud, founded the company in Charleston, Illinois in 1983 and has since then opened 2,800 locations and has become very successful. However, in recent years, the truth about the owner has emerged.

In 2015, word started getting out about Liautaud’s hobby of big game hunting. Several pictures have been released of him holding or sitting next to illegally hunted animals. These animals have been classified as endangered species, and when hunted turns to poaching, their extinction becomes more imminent. Big game hunting is considered immoral and disturbing: however, Jimmy John’s owner continues to support and participate in the sport. This fact has left many customers shocked and dismayed at his absolute disregard for not only the law but also at his lack of principals.

How do morals effects where people spend their money? We decided this was the perfect scenario to take polls testing the student body here at Northfield High, so we took our question to the student population. We began by initially asking if they enjoyed eating at Jimmy Johns without sharing the owner’s shocking hobby. Out of 23 students, 16 said that they did enjoy a Jimmy John’s sandwich periodically. Then, we introduced the startling information and showed them a picture of Liautaud posing next to a poached lion. After seeing this staggering image, 18 students decided that they were done spending their money supporting Jimmy Johns (or would continue to avoid the food), and only 5 admitted that they didn’t mind the owner’s illegal actions. This information led us to the inference that people are generally strong-willed when it comes to making decisions based on morals.  

The polls have proved a strong correlation between morals and money spent. However, this confirmation extends beyond corrupt business owners, and begs the question, how much of a role does personal belief really play in the habits of today’s youth?

WARNING: The links below show photographic evidence of the poaching done by Jimmy John. If you are not offended by pictures of freshly hunted animals, take a look at the effect of the poaching yourself.

Jimmy John Poaching Bear

Jimmy John Poaching Leopard

Jimmy John Poaching Elephant