Madden 20


Kendall Moy

On August 2nd, EA Sports launched its 33rd Madden game. Madden in the past has not been known to be an amazing game, and some say it seems to be extremely repetitive, with the same content every year. EA Sports has tried to make the game more satisfying for players in past versions by implementing a story mode called Longshot in Madden 18, and LongShot 2 in Madden 19. But this year, EA decided to step it up and added a new mode called QB1 Face of the Franchise. 

Madden usually has their franchise mode hosted in the game, where you can create a player, a coach, or an owner to build a fantasy franchise. This year it has changed. The new version has you create a quarterback whose hairstyles, facial features, and even voice can be customized. It starts with the player choosing from ten D1 college football teams you want to play, leading them to win the College Football Playoff Semi-Finals and National Championship. The goal after is to try to get scouted by the NFL. There are different drills to help increase the chances of the player getting drafted and move on to the NFL to fulfill their legacy as a quarterback. 

It doesn’t end there, as they have also added a Superstar X-Factor Feature. Players can perform different abilities such as Pro Reads, Fearless, Bazooka, Freight Train, Gambler, Blitz Radar, First One Free and many more, all after reaching a certain playing level. 

Madden is mainly known for its most played mode, Ultimate Team, that allows you to build a star-studded powerful team. In this mode, you can play solo challenges vs the CPU, bid or buy player cards and open packs, and the popular head to head where you can play online against other players or your friends. They recently added a new knockout mode where you can play against other people and the loser relinquishes the best player card on their team.

Madden 20 is available for $59.99 for the standard edition, $79.99 for superstar edition and $99.99 for the Ultimate superstar edition.