Academic Success: Working for Freshmen?


Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Academic Success is a mandatory class that all freshmen have to take. The class of 2023 is the first class to ever have to take this class and so far not many people have enjoyed it. We have talked to Mrs. Wickham, one of the people who came up with the idea to have academic success, and she told us what the original intent of the class was. This class was supposed to provide support to students in their core classes and get freshmen better prepared for high school. Mrs. Wickham stated that last year an entire period of study hall became too much for students and it got messy. Kids started to get distracted and it became an unsuccessful class. The school also wanted guest speakers to talk to the freshmen about different skills needed throughout high school. Another goal of this period is to have students gain a connection with their success teacher and let students know they have an adult to turn to besides their counselors.

We went around to classrooms and asked some students what they thought about academic success and most of them said that academic success is unhelpful and was even making them fall behind in some of their core classes. Students would rather have a study hall to have an opportunity to get work in core classes done. Instead, students are given graded assignments and told to complete them that class period with little to no instruction. Teachers added that they don’t have a clear idea of what the class is supposed to look like and can’t help the students succeed and get work done. 

Some suggestions that teachers and students have thought of is more time as study hall so that students don’t fall behind in their core classes. We shouldn’t have graded assignments in this class because it’s just more stress added on to a period that is supposed to benefit students. Teachers also need to have more of a set idea on what they are teaching and need to be able to help their students and not also be confused along with the students. The school needs to make it clear to the freshmen that this class gives elective credits so students shouldn’t worry about needing to take an extra elective later. By making simple changes to this class it can become a very effective time that students will benefit from in the long run.