Nuggets Reach Their Expiration Date


Rue Eissa, Sports Beat

What an impressive season for the Denver Nuggets. They have a talented group of young stars with so much potential. They had a pretty large cap space this season. Their games were quite something. Nuggets fans were booked every night the team played. They had some pretty impressive wins too against teams like the Celtics and Raptors. It was thought that they had a fair shot at making the semi finals, maybe even the finals….not!

What an extravagant moment to choke. Such a perfect moment.  Second half of game 7 with a spot in the semi finals on the line for the first time since the ‘08-‘09 season. They could’ve faced off with the Warriors for a spot in the finals (as if). At least they can say they tried. For such a young team, the amount of luck they had was insane. They should’ve signed a longer contract with Luck.

Their contract expired when they needed Luck the most. It was on the fateful night of May 12, 2019 that Denver choked in the second half of the game that could have changed everything for the young team. Starting in the 2nd quarter of the game, the teams performance began to drop and their points fell from 29 in the first quarter to 19 in the second. Their defense faltered a bit, but they managed to keep a hold on their lead through the first half, ending it at 39-48, a pretty good lead. And then their defense began to suffer. And the Trail Blazers began picking up their offensive and defensive attacks. The final score was pretty tight, there is no argument that Denver fought till the end, but it became a pretty inevitable end as soon as the second half started.

It was nice while it lasted Denver. For the Nuggets fans anyway. #Nugglife right?