Which Teams Will Make a Deep Playoff Run?


Travis Lambert



Denver Nuggets

By: Myles O’Leary

The Nuggets have such good depth and a great home record and that is why they will make it to the NBA finals. I believe that Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray and Paul Millsap will lead them in this playoff run and Gary Harris and Will Barton will have a big part too. They also have some very good players on their bench such as Mason Plumlee, Monte Morris, Trey Lyles, Torrey Craig and last but certainly not least, Malik Beasley. Their home court record and depth should lead them deep into the playoffs. The Nuggets can come at you from multiple directions, all of their starters are good 3 point shooters and all of them can drive the lane, they have a lot of variety in their players. Nikola Jokic can do a variety of things as well, he can drive the lane, he can shoot 3 pointers, he’s a good defender, he’s a great passer and he’s a great rebounder, I think he will be the primary leader of the Nuggets playoff run. Jamal Murray is a consistently good player that has flashes of greatness, Murray and Jokic are very young players that have so much potential and if either of them gets hot in the playoffs, the other team will have a tough time, if they get hot at the same time then it will be almost impossible to guard both of them with effectiveness. The Nuggets are a very dangerous team that lacks lots of playoff experience but if the Nuggets get hot, watch out.

Indiana Pacers

By: Levin Rahn

The Indiana Pacers could be the hidden champion in the East. I am seeing big potential in this team, they just have to find out how to use it. About a month ago, they lost their superstar, Victor Oladipo, because of a scary injury which ended up as a broken leg. Now the hope of the fans is on Domantas Sabonis, Bojan Bogdanovic, and Myles Turner. Domantas Sabonis always puts in the full effort and goes after every ball. Myles Turner clears the board and Bogdanovic is an all-rounder all over the court. Still, I would rank the Pacers lower in the eastern conference playoffs. There is big competition in the East, but the Indiana Pacers can still be a surprise and could go far. Possibly I  see them ending up in the second round because there are a lot more teams, who are a lot better than the Pacers. Their talents are obviously Defense, 3 point shooting, and their player variety. Those things can bring them far.

Golden State Warriors

By: Rue Eissa

Every day, in a galaxy we all live in, there live the Doubters who do nothing but doubt the undoubtable. Many people are beginning to question and doubt the Golden State Warriors and what they will do this season. What they don’t remember is that just a few years ago, the Warriors were nothing. They were just another team. Now, they’re the strongest team in the league with 4 back to back appearances in the finals, 3 of which they won. The Warriors have everything a team needs to be successful: talent, team chemistry, and an amazing coach. Their starting lineup consists of  Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins. Kevin Durant, Curry, and Thompson are definitely their strongest players, called the “Splash Brothers” because of their incredible talent for three-pointers. Golden State will definitely have a deep playoff run. They are known to turn their level of playing up during the playoffs and soar up. Previous games, like their game against the Denver Nuggets on April 2nd, have shown that they are preparing for another dominating season with defensive levels they did not show at the beginning of the season. But where would they be without head coach Steve Kerr? Nowhere. The answer is nowhere. The Warriors have had a talented lineup for a while, but they couldn’t get anywhere until Steve Kerr blessed them with his presence in 2014. Kerr is the reason the Warriors have gotten to the finals four years in a row, the reason they defeated LeBron James and Cleveland. With their lineup and the incredible team chemistry, they have thanks to talented head coach Steve Kerr, Golden State is guaranteed to go deep in the playoffs and might as well have secured themselves a spot in this year’s finals.  

Strength in Numbers!

Milwaukee Bucks

By: Rue Eissa

Just last season, no one really cared about the Milwaukee Bucks. They finished 7th in the East at the end of the regular season and were ousted from the playoffs first round by the Toronto Raptors. It appears they’ve taken a turn this season though, being the first team to clinch their spot in the playoffs and maintaining a tight hold on the first place spot in the East. Their reign began early. They went 7-0 at the beginning of the season until the Celtics managed to beat them. Looking at the way they have been playing and their talented players led by Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton, they will most definitely go deep in the playoffs considering their first round opponent will be the Detroit Pistons, a team that, while it does have talented players, is not doing great and does not stand a chance against the Eastern superpower. There are only two teams in the East that could tip the Bucks if they aren’t careful and that’s the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers. If Milwaukee continues playing as they have been, they have definitely secured themselves a spot in the finals this season.

Philadelphia 76ers

By: Myles O’Leary

The 76ers have a very good team that is consistent and has improved quite a bit over the past few years considering how bad they were a few years ago. Their core players include Joel Embiid, Jimmy Butler, JJ Reddick, and Ben Simmons, these players are very good.  I think that Joel Embiid will lead them in a deep playoff run and possibly, even the finals. I’m excited to see how the 76ers do in the rest of the regular season and how they do in the playoffs. Joel “Hulu Has Live Sports” Embiid is an incredible player that blocks many shots and can drive the lane extremely well and he can get the crowd going. When JJ Reddick gets hot, the other team is in big trouble because JJ Redick is a great 3 point shooter.

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