Review of Northfield’s Spring 2019 Performance


Ryan Hill

The cast of “Rumors” on stage.

Did you hear what they’re saying about Rumors, the amazing play at Northfield on March 15th, 16th and 20th? Here, let me spill the tea: It all started at dinner, with a scandal. You walk in noticing the seating placed perfectly around the stage to adapt with the layout. The set was made to have a living room area with a door attached and the stairs leading to the Gorman’s bedroom.

The setting of play is a dinner party in 1988 hosted by a married couple named Chris and Ken Gorman. They were sitting down having tea when all of a sudden they heard a gunshot off stage. Everything from there seemed eerie and foreboding. For starters, all the Gorman’s staff went missing. They then realized that Charlie, a dinner guest, was shot and his wife also went missing. As the night progressed more and more couples started to show up not knowing what they were getting themselves in to. The Gormans, pretending like everything was good avoided telling everyone about the incident with Charlie. Before the end of the play, another sequence of events causes the audience and characters to question what is really happening. The cops show up and then things got really interesting.

The play had so much emotion and great acting that everyone left the theater in awe. Elliot Guinness gave a stunning performance as Ernie Cusack. Ernie and his wife arrived at the party and were instantly suspicious about what was happening. Elliot knew his part perfectly and showed a lot of emotion that brought the character to life. Each actor fit their part in the best way. Everyone’s natural delivery of their lines made the whole experience flow nicely.

People in the play according to appearance

  • Chris Gorman played by Peri Cooper
  • Ken Gorman played by Tyler Imhof
  • Claire Ganz played by Mikayla Brown
  • Penny Ganz player by Christian Eatmon
  • Cookie Cusack played by Elliot Guinness
  • Cassie Cooper played by Kate Stewart
  • Glen Cooper played Mikey Mckelvey
  • Officer Welch played by Maggie Kempen
  • Officer Pudney played by Ahlis Bond
Ryan Hill
The cast of “Rumors” on stage.