New Netflix Movies and TV shows Releases in 2019


Blanca Monge-Melendez

Netflix originals are making a come back or new releases in 2019. Here are a couple of them that you may like or wanna try watching.  

1) The Crown Season 3(Coming soon) A drama chronicles the life of a queen Elizabeth ll from the 1940’s to modern times.

If you are into royalty and wanna know the story of Queen Elizabeth ll. I recommend you to see this show this series shows and explains her entire life.


2) Stranger Things Season 3(July 4) In the fall of 1984, about a year after Will Byers was found, and he has been played by seeing visions of the upside down featuring a more dangerous monster.

I don’t watch this show but I hear a lot of good things about this show about children and their mysteries.


3) Black Mirror  Season 5(Coming soon) Is a contemporary reworking of the ¨Twilight Zone¨ with stories that tap into the collective unease about the modern world.

I don’t watch this show but if you are into thriller and the connections between humanity and modern technology you will like this show.


4) 13 Reasons Why  Season 3(Coming soon) Clay has finally said goodbye to Hannah baker so he can move on with his life the final day of her trial Bryce was not arrested nor charge with nothing. What will happen next season? What will happen to Bryce?

If you wanna know what happens after what happen in season 2 and it left you hooked on to what Tyler was about to do at the dance then you should watch this show.  


5) Dirty John(February 14) A dramatization of the hit true crime podcast arrives just in time for valentines day, Netflix first original dating show.

A new release came out on Netflix a comedy, drama about dating which could be interesting if you are into dramatic romances.


6) On my block Season 2(March) A coming of age comedy returns.

Will Ruby survive his accident? If you haven’t seen this show I recommend you see it if you like funny romantic high school shows.


7) Fuller House Season 5(September) The final season of fuller house is coming to an end.

Have you seen the original Full House show from the 90’s? Fuller House is just the next chapter of DJ and her sister Stephanie living in the full house helping each other out. A perfect family comedy to binge watch before the final season airs in September.


8) The Umbrella Academy Season 1(February 15) one day in 1989, 43 infants are born to random unconnected women who showed no sign of pregnancy the day before. 7 are adopted by billionaire industrialist sir Reginald Hargreeves who creates the umbrella academy and prepares his children to save the world.

Netflix released a new show that everyone is talking about a show. Revolving around powerful abilities, this show is a perfect fit for those who are into media surrounding a comedic bunch of teenage superheros.