Madden 19 Reflection and Look Ahead

Myles O'Leary

Madden comes out every year with changes and improvements made. Here are some of the things we would like to see changed and some basic overviews of the game.

Madden 19 MUT Review:

Madden 19 is an entertaining and fun game that has certainly adapted to the Madden community and in my opinion, is one of the best Madden games. Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) is where you can create your own team and gain very good cards like Tyreek Hill or even players from the past like Randy Moss.

Some player cards overall can rank up to a 99 and these cards are considered expensive and good cards. You can purchase packs in the store and you can purchase players from the auction house. MUT costs much less money to win than prior Madden games, players can earn cards or coins through solo challenges whereas it was not as easy in prior Madden games.

However, now you can have a great team without paying! A great website to use when researching players for your Ultimate Team is MUTHead. MUTHead allows you to look up prices and stats of players on different consoles, and it also allows you to build a team with players in MUT. You can build your dream team with the best players (you can’t play Madden on MUTHead, this is just a team builder).


Specific Player Abilities

Specific player abilities would be super cool to have. For example, Patrick Mahomes abilities like being able to throw sidearm and no-look passes. Mr. Lambert’s idea was to implement those specific abilities and not just on Patrick Mahomes but on any player that can do things that are out of the ordinary and spectacular. I thought this was a great idea and it would be really cool if they implemented this into Madden 20.


Game Animations

The game’s animations are very good as there are fun animations throughout the game but they are not so repetitive, the catch animations are incredible this year, there are Mosses and one-handed catches, etc. There are also running animations for a specific position that are unique and I thought that was a great addition. As well as the new defensive animations such as the hit stick animations that look incredible. The touchdown dances when you score a touchdown or two-point conversion are also really cool, you have four choices, team celebration, signature celebration, dance and spiking it. The celebrations vary and I think that this is a very nice touch to the game that they should add onto in future Madden games.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall, Madden 19 is a great game and it has greatly improved from prior versions of the game. The style of gameplay has improved, such as the animations, MUT (Madden Ultimate Team), player uniqueness and the graphics. Trying out MUT is recommended if you haven’t yet, building a team out of players can be really fun, especially because you can use players who have retired from football. There are also other game modes if that’s not for you like a campaign, franchise mode (where you use an NFL team and basically control that team), create a player in the NFL, play a player already in the NFL, etc. Will Madden make the switch to Nintendo Switch next year? Do people want it? Personally, I think that it would be pretty cool.

Madden 20 Cover Athlete possibilities:

Some possible cover athletes for Madden 20 are Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Harrison Smith, Michael Thomas, Drew Brees, Todd Gurley, Aaron Donald, Saquon Barkley or Russell Wilson.