Post All Star Predictions


Xavier Judge and Arthur Lundy

There is a lot of controversy about the Post All-Star game, like who will win the Eastern and Western conference finals, and who’s going to win it all. In my eyes, I think the Milwaukee Bucks are going to win the Eastern conference because of their team chemistry, love, and passion for the game and hard-working characters. In the West, the Golden State Warriors are going to win their conference because of their starting lineup and team chemistry. Their team has also been in multiple scary situations where they have to push themselves and each other in order to succeed and they do. The commotion about who is going to win MVP is extremely hard to decide, but I think if the Toronto Raptors win the Eastern Conference, Kawhi Leonard will be at the top of the list without a doubt. The Rookie of the year is easy, as Luka Doncic has been showing off his true skill and carrying his team. There is one player that has had a rough downfall from last season to this season, and that is Jimmy Butler because his performance is having a negative impact on the Sixers.

Mr. O’s Predictions

  • Who will win the Eastern and Western conference?
    • The Warriors and the Milwaukee Bucks will win because of their stability, discipline, and chemistry with their teammates.          
  • Who will win MVP?
    • Giannis Antetokounmpo will win MVP.       
  • Who will win Rookie of the Year?
    • Luka Doncic will win because of his effectiveness and impact on his team.   
  • Who will win Most Improved Player?
    • Khris Middleton will win, he went from just another player in the NBA to an All-Star with the snap of a finger.
  • Who made the best trade before the playoffs?
    • The Philadelphia 76ers made the best trade. Tobias Harris has always made a huge impact on whatever team he’s been on so with this trade, the 76ers can make a surprising turn in the playoffs.
  • Who is going to win the NBA finals?
    • He wants the Bucks or the 76ers to win because it would be a nice change to see a new team perform at the highest level and beat the Warriors team, but knowing what Golden State is capable of, he thinks the Warriors will come out on top.
  • Can LeBron make the push to put the Lakers in the playoffs?
    • No. They don’t have the team chemistry and players to get into the playoffs. If the Lakers could pick up one more All-Star and become a stronger team in the West, they may stand a chance.
  • Which teams in the West have been built to last the longest?
    • The Nuggets will probably last the longest, especially when Porter Jr. gets back in motion.
    • The Utah Jazz is built for longevity so they will probably see a few more years of success.
    • If the Warriors can convince Steph Curry and Kevin Durant to stay, they will last.