Apex Legends
Ranking Playable Characters


EA Games

Each “Apex Legends” character is unique.

Apex Legends is a 60 player, Fortnite-style battle royale game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The only game mode is Squads, which is groups of three. Each person picks a character with a unique ability and a unique power-up such as healing a teammate and an ultimate such as an air strike. At this point, it is just like Fortnite but without building. There is a storm that takes away damage if you are not in the safe zone. Then, to finish the game, there is a battle to the death.

Ranking of the playable characters:

8. Pathfinder: Pathfinder is good for creating a faster way to the eye of the storm through his zip lines. However, he has very little use in an attacking situation due to the fact that he is an easy target.

7. Caustic: Caustic is good near the end of the game where he can place his gas traps which have a very good chance of intoxicating someone. However, the gas has a very small range so it is easy for enemies to escape.

6. Wraith: Wraith is like Pathfinder and can allow easier transportation for her teammates, and she can do it while invisible. She also is small and harder to hit. However, her abilities grant her little to no support during a attack.

5. Bangalore: Bangalore is great near the end of the game when she can launch an airstrike, which has a good chance of hitting an enemy. However these airstrikes do very little damage.

4. Mirage: Mirage is very stealthy, he can deploy a decoy character that is identical to him which can “bamboozle” enemy characters. However, this decoy can only lasts a short amount of time, so be speedy if you want to use this ability.

3. Gibraltar: Gibraltar is a very good character, when you press the aim button he deploys a shield that protects most of his body. However, Gibraltar is very big which makes him easy to hit, so be careful.

2. Bloodhound: Bloodhound has the ability to see opponents’ footsteps and how recent they are.

1. Lifeline: Lifeline is the best character. She is able to heal her teammates and send in a supply drop containing very helpful supplies that can help you win. Every squad should have a lifeline