Northfield Students Sit In to Show Support for Teacher Union Strike

For many years, DPS teachers have been battling against the district for better wages. According to many involved on both sides, little has changed and teachers are still receiving low pay. Both sides are hopeful that they can come to a reasonable compromise within a certain amount of time. The Colorado Department of Labor is currently weighing whether or not to intervene.

The strike could have two different results:

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Teachers are an asset to the educational experience.”

— Mr. Houston, Assistant Principal & Athletic Director

  1. The district finds a way to meet the demands of the teacher union.
  2. The district does not find a way to meet the demands of the teacher union, which will trigger a teacher strike.

If the state chooses to not intervene and if the union and the district don’t come to an agreement, teachers will strike. This could mean DPS schools won’t have any teachers, so the district would have to hire substitute┬áteachers. Students will still be required to go to school and the work students do with the subs could be counted as a grade.

On January 28, 2019, there was a student-led sit-in to help strengthen the voice of the union. The sit-in lasted around one hour. During that time, multiple students spoke out to their classmates and lead them in chants. Many students did not know about the sit-in. Some chose to not attend because they did not want to be counted absent.

If you believe in the teachers receiving higher pay, share your voice and help them get what they deserve. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!